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Welcome to Somewhat Hardcore!

I just wanna take the time to say hello, and welcome to the guild. If you're a first time visiter please check us out and apply! Other wise a few key things. 1) Holycow, Swiffty, Tawnya and, Muzze are the founding "fathers" of the guild, and if you need any help please ask any one of us! You can also ask one of our awesome officers! 

Now with the release of MoP happening soon, we need to keep things as organized as possible. We should have a lot of people coming back from the 'Dead' so lets welcome those, and try to add as many as possible. Our goal for MoP is to hurry to 90 asap! Our heroic team which is now 6/8! GG guys, is going to be our test subjects for MoP. We also need people to really get down and dirty with the lvls so we can build a few more teams to raid with. This means our thursday team needs to get out and grind as well. 

I can't wait to be at the release party as last time, and like always lets have some fun! If you're a member I want you guys helping out the new prospects. Other wise lets kick this expac's ass and try for a server first! Thank you every one for all your help in making our guild awesome! Somewhat hardcore doesn't exist with out all of us!

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Other Guild News

You will forever be in our memeories!

Tawnya, Oct 10, 12 1:11 PM.
Last night members of our guild had recieved the unfortuneate news that one of our officers Anubus has passed away last night of a heart attack. Mike called the family home to verify this news and found out that it is true. Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family at this difficult time. We will always remember Ciro and his funny ways and his ability to make everyone laugh! We will miss you buddy!!!

R.I.P <3

Raid 1

Tawnya, Oct 7, 12 9:17 AM.
Raid Team 1

As stated before we will be having our first run next week! We gave everyone an extra week to get prepped and ready! We will making a few changes this time around, to ensure that things run smoothly. We expect everyone to be on NO LATER than 6:45pm(serv) so we can be pulling exactly at 7:00pm. Also our loot distribution will be decided by loot council (Tawnya, Swiffty, Holycow and Muzze) we need to ensure that certain members are obtaining gear first to help with progression (i.e. gearing out heals and tanks before dps). With this extra week we do expect everyone to come prepared with flasks food enchants, gems etc. IF by chance you are not ready by next week we will be replacing you until you are. 

- Tawnya (GM)

ZOMG MOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tawnya, Sep 24, 12 4:36 PM.

Helpful websites to gear up for MoP

Tawnya, Sep 12, 12 11:25 AM.
Awesome job last night guys!!! Like Holy said, we gotta get ready for MoP now!! So let's make sure we are as prepared as we can!!! Here is a list of some helpful websites that will allow you to get the best out of your character!!! - This is where you will find all the latest updates for MoP as well as videos on the raids! - Forums on all classes - very detailed - Forums on all classes - simple easy to understand - Should always be one of your bff's

Please be sure to check out these websites so we can make sure we are on our game when we all hit 90!! And for our raiders, make sure you watch the videos on the newest raids!! The first one coming out is Mogu'shan Vaults, I want everyone to watch the boss fights for that raid instance over the next couple weeks in preparation for our first pull!!

Thanks so much guys! Keep up the amazing work!

~Tawnya (GM) 

8/8H done! Next!

H0lyC0w, Sep 11, 12 8:21 PM.
Congrats guys on the 8/8H kill! Great first attempt, thats how we do it. So what's next? Well, it's time to farm! Like it was stated if you guys want to take a break before MoP release by all means do it. Next week we are going for a full 8/8H clear again. Hopefully we can rotate some deserving members through so they can get achieve/gear. Keep up the good work, make sure you're class studying so we can further rape content. In MoP the gloves are off, and we are racing to be one of the server first for content. This is going to be one hell of a challenge for all of you! Just know there's A LOT being asked of you guys for this. I know you can do it, so keep up the good work and we'll beat MoP quick! Good job guys, keep up the good work. 
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